Course Syllabus

Survey of Chemistry Lab, CHM L115

Term 3, 2019

Estimated time per week:  3 hours

 Instructor Information

Instructor:  Christopher King, associate professor, Ph.D. in chemistry from Tulane University

Office:  McCall Hall 312H; phone:  (334)670-3576


Office Hours:  I may usually be reached by phone weekday afternoons from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.  I will usually respond to emails rapidly.   Weekends may take a bit longer. 

 Course Description

The laboratory sessions will provide an overview of some of the basic concepts and techniques of general chemistry experiments.  The students will conduct experiments that illustrate the concepts and principles learned in the Survey of Chemistry course.

 Course Prerequisites

Course corequisite:  Survey of Chemistry, CHM 1142. 

 Required Textbooks & Supplementary Materials

LP-2196-CK-01-LABPAQ KIT, by Hands-On Labs Inc., $235.00, plus shipping (about $20). 

To order, go to

Click on:  "STUDENT ORDERS", then click on the green "YES"

Login: c000365   

Password: labpaq  (all lower case)

If you are waiting for financial aid to come through, you may want to order through the bookstore.  You can either click the “Purchase Course Materials” link in the menu on the left, or go to Trojan Web Express, or go directly to our Barnes and Noble bookstore at  However, the LabPaqs cost more when purchased through the bookstore.

Students should have their lab materials by the end of the second week of class.  However, since that is often not practical, I wait until the end of the third week to take points off for labs being late.

Besides the “LabPaq”, supplies from the home will also be needed for performing the lab experiments.  These are listed in the introductory material for each lab.

The LabPaq kit contain materials for doing the labs, which are mailed to you in a box.  These include things like scales for weighing things, and chemicals for observing chemical reactions.  The lab instructions are provided on a web site provided by Hands-On Learning.  To use their web site, register, as described on the "Start Here" page (to get to that page, click on the "Start Here" link at the bottom of the "Home" page).

 Course Content

The titles of the labs that will be done in this course follow.  (The first two are an introduction to the lab.)

  • Getting Started
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Length, Mass and Temperature Measurements
  • Determining Density
  • Observations of Chemical Changes (2 exercises)
  • Anions, Cations, and Ionic Reactions (2 exercises)
  • Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction
  • Identification of Gases (2 exercises)
  • Determining a Melting Point
  • Caloric Content of Food
  • Antacid Titration and Analysis

 Make-Up Work Policy

Missing any part of this schedule may prevent completion of the course. If you foresee difficulty of any type (e.g., an illness, employment change, etc.) that may prevent completion of this course, notify the instructor as soon as possible.

 Method of Evaluation

Grading:  A, 90-100; B, 80-89; C, 70-79; D, 60-69

            100%  On-line Lab Reports (12, counting the lab introduction)

The lab reports are due by midnight of the due date.  The lab reports are filled in online, then download from the HOL site, and uploaded into Canvas.

The policy regarding Incomplete grades is in the undergraduate catalog.  To be eligible for an incomplete ("I"), at least half of the course must have been completed with a passing grade.  An incomplete is a course grade that allows the student to work for an additional nine weeks on a course without additional fees.

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Course Summary:

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