Course Syllabus

Your course syllabus will appear in this section of your Canvas courses. The course syllabus will contain the following sections:

  • Instructor Information
  • Course Description
  • Entrance Competencies/Course Prerequisites
  • Required Textbooks & Supplementary Materials
  • Attendance Policy
  • Method of Evaluation
  • Disability Services / ADA
  • Additional Course Information

The Course Summary below will show you the assignments, quizzes, etc. that you are to complete for your course and the respective due dates. These items and due dates will also show up in your "Calendar" which you can view by clicking the "Calendar" button in the "Global Navigation" area. 

Note: The course syllabus can be viewed prior to courses being made available on the TROY Online Schedule of Classes web page. Once on this web page, click the schedule of classes you wish to view and click the PDF image in the Syllabus column. Please be aware that not all instructors will have a syllabus posted.

Course Summary:

Date Details